Moving from Protein to Dairy and Eggs we focused the class on Breakfast and made dishes that incorporated this important level in the food group. There may be some people that are Lactose intolerant and thankfully there are many substitutes available that will work very well with these recipes. (soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, lactose free milk, to name a few). There may also be people that do not eat eggs. There are some egg substitutes but they are a little trickier to use as replacements in these recipes.

In talking to the kids about Dairy and Eggs we discussed farming practices in America and looked at photos of organic and large scale factory farms that currently produce milk and eggs for our consumption.

It is important for students and all of us to be aware of the current treatment of animals in a factory farm condition. If these same animals were treated this way by our neighbor we would report them to the authorities and yet we think nothing of it on a factory farm, because we can not see it.

We also informed the kids about the practices of treating animals with hormones that stimulate growth and excessive use of antibiotics. All of which pass right from the animals into their meat and milk and also into the environment and water supply as agricultural run off.

We compared this with the treatment and costs of organic farming and free range farming.

Then we COOKED!

The skills the kids learned in this class included crepe making. This is a great technique and once you get a hang of flipping the crepes it’s fun and easy. You can put many things inside a crepe from sweet to savory. The kids came up with great ideas of what they would want to put inside.

Just simply learning how to hard boil, scramble and even fry an egg are essential skills every human should know. We made a simple egg salad but again, you can add so many things into this such as celery, onion, or apple…

Quiches are amazing. It’s a simple recipe that will teach you what happens when you bake an egg. A quiche is a wonderful dish good for any meal and also perfect for entertaining. Quiche combinations don’t stop either and you can really get creative here with what you want to fill your quiche with. One of my favorites is goat cheese, dried cherries, red chard and pine nuts. Crazy right! but it’s delicious.

French toast is an instant classic and looks hard but is really easy to make. I make it once a week for my kids because it contains egg which is high in protein and a whole grain bread. Just add some fruit and it’s a perfect meal.

Here is the menu and the recipes the kids cook.

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